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"Growing Peonies from Seed with Bob Johnson"

Join the Mid-Atlantic Peony Society and the Scott Arboretum
on Sunday, 26 October 2014
1:30 to 3:30pm in the Wiser Education Center

Peonies are usually propagated by division of the roots, but peonies can be grown from seed too. Come listen to Bob Johnson of Bend, OR as he gives the details of this process.
Immediately following the meeting will be a reception and auction/sale of peonies with members of the Mid-Atlantic Peony Society.
All are welcome to attend!

"Bob's grandmothers were both avid gardeners and during his childhood his paternal grandmother explained to him how the process of  pollination produced seeds.   In college he became a member of the American Iris Society and was introduced to several hybridizers through his activities with the local club.  After college he moved to Bend, Oregon, and grew primrose species, Lewisias and other perennials from seed.  In the mid 1990's he spent several seasons at  Al Rogers' peony nursery, helping with division in the fall.  Active on the Yahoo Peony Group during it's heyday, he began his hybridizing efforts when a group member gifted him some seeds from Bill Seidl.  He currently works in partnership with Adelman Peony Gardens, where two-year old advanced generation seedlings from his efforts in Bend are grown to blooming size in their nursery fields." 


The Mid-Atlantic Peony Society
Announces elected officers

President  —  Eleanor Tickner
Vice President  —  Jeff Jabco
Secretary  —  Gerri Eunson
Treasurer  —  Bernie Miller

The MAPS Peony Gallery is now open!

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2007 herbaceous peony tour
2007 herbaceous peony tour
From album: Herbaceous Peony Tour May 2007

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An Invitation to Join MAPS

Membership in The Mid-Atlantic Peony Society is open to everyone with an interest in peonies.  Members are entitled to vote at the annual meeting, attend MAPS events, qualify for special pricing at sales, and receive periodic newsletters by email.  Events include garden tours and special offers of peony seedlings or roots. Your membership will help to support and and build our growing society!  Join MAPS today.  Just fill out and mail in the printable membership form available here.

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